Biotech Group | Supply and support of Alternative Renewable Energy

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Our Vision

– To be a leading company in the supply and support of Alternative Renewable Energy and Carbon Neutral solutions.
– To innovate the Renewable Energy markets through supporting developing technologies that support and motivate our environmental objectives.
– To provide Energy Independence from fossil fuels by the use of Renewable Energy – Wind, Solar, sustainably sourced Biomass and Energy Storage.
– To encourage and promote energy independence through Off Grid opportunities.

About the Biotech Energy Group

Biotech Renewable Energy is part of the Biotech Energy Group based in London. The Biotech Energy Group’s focus is on all methods of the generation of Renewable Energy. The Directors, who have been involved in the Energy Markets for over 30 years, have a wide range of experience, from technology innovation, through to project development and financial and insurance related markets both in Europe and North America.
Their expertise provides additional strength, security and benefits to Biotech Renewable Energy, enabling us to provide a world-wide range of services on a localized basis. MORE